GW: New Space Wolves Models REVEALED +Updated+

By Rob Baer | February 5th, 2016 | Categories: Miniature Wargaming News & Rumors

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The Slayer has been spotted! Games Workshop may have just inadvertently shown off some new Space Wolves models today. Come see!

Via Games Workshop 2-5-2015

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Now I suppose you can argue that they did that on purpose in order to hype folks up into buying their combo deal for the White Dwarf, and chances are this page will see a lot of hits today when everyone links back to where the original source of the pictures from Games Workshop’s site. So kudos to them for the sneak peak!

+++ UPDATE +++

Editor’s Note: Around 10:00 EST 1-5-2015 the above picture was changed out on Games Workshop’s site for this:

On to the matter at hand, what are we looking at now? well it appears to be a new Iron Priest and heralded Ulrick the Slayer model from the WD #106 Teasers!
For the Iron Priest
So it looks like we will have a solid two weeks of 40k releases taking us into the third week of February.  So what may be next on the horizon from Games Workshop? Take a look at our roadmap article from just a few weeks ago, which at the time seemed very far fetched.

Via BoLS:

You all can pick through these and try to figure out what you think GW’s best release schedule week to week might be.


Chaos: Grand Alliance AoS Happened

Order: Grand Alliance AoS 

Death: Grand Alliance AoS 

Destruction: Grand Alliance AoS 

Death Release Window (starring an undead giant) AoS 

Space Wolves Release Window 40K Breaking Now

Space Wolves vs Chaos Daemons Campaign 40K Happening

Horus Heresy Plastic Reboxes Release Window 40K


Betrayal at Calth Boxed Game Sequel 40K

Oruks Release Window (starring a Wyvern) AoS

Duardin Release Window (starring a construct) AoS

Deathwatch Boxed Game 40K


Any Specialist Game Release (I would be shocked if they had any ready in time, but you never know)

So what we’ll really see in the coming weeks and months is anyone’s guess, however this is what we’ve heard is happening before the new year for GW in June.

New Space Wolves Roundup

The Slayer cometh!

Wulfen Are People Too – Long War Episode 37

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