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Praise Tzeentch, The Thousand Sons march again! Kromlech has just produced some Stygian Torsos that would go great in any Thousand Sons themed army. 

Walk like an Egyptian… well a heavily armored ghost Chaos Space Marine that is!

Via Kromlech

Stygian Torsos $8.85


stygian-torsos (2)

This set contains five Egyptian-themed SF troopers torsos. There are five different designs and you get one of each.  Stygian torsos are especially suited for heavily armoured warriors (28mm heroic scale).

Tzeentch is on the rise again. With the new Daemon rules being released, these guys would compliment a Tzeentch Daemons army quite well. Just as Planned! How would you use these to best serve the forces of Chaos?

Didn’t the Egyptians worship cats?

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