$200? The Story Behind 40k’s Blood Oath Supplement

By Rob Baer | June 2nd, 2016 | Categories: Chaos, Product Review, Space Marines, Videos, Warhammer 40k

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Come see what was one of the most expensive books for Warhammer 40k ever: the Exclusive Blood Oath supplement!

If you’ve been searching for a copy of the ‘Exclusive’ Blood Oath supplement formations, look no longer.

These were released in a stand alone ‘exclusive’ campaign book from Warhammer World in May of 2015, and some of them are VERY good when used with the new Space Marines Codex.

This book peaked at $200 on eBay when Space Marine mania hit last June, and currently goes for about $45. It costs 12£ onsite at Warhammer World.

blood oath warhammer world

It features Ultramarines, Grey Knights, Imperial Knights, Titans vs Khorne, Chaos Titans, Chaos Knights



  • Ultramarines 1st company:
  • The Spear of Sicarius:
  • Grey Knights Emperors Hand Strike Force:
  • Anvil of the Emperor – Knights and Titans
  • The Bloodied Horde (Khorne Daemons)
  • The Fist of Khorne (Berzerkers)
  • The Goreguard (Anggrath and Bloodthirsters)
  • Hellforged Hunting Pack (Daemon Engines)

Source:  Spikey Bits Hobbies FB Page


This is a semi-pricey formation for the Marines, BUT you get to assault with a lot more stuff than the Skyhammer Annihilation Force! Plus Devastators have the option to fire twice, which in the case of Grav salvo weapons, seems pretty good. The base formation points out to around 2000 points.


Re-rolls are always good. Not a super competitive formation when you use it for the Terminators, but when you combo the re-rolls with special issue ammo on the Sternguard squads it’s very nice.


Harnessing Warp Charge on a 3+ is always good, but this is a VERY expensive formation to field.


Solid benefits for the big guys, and tactically speaking outflanking Knights is a HUGE boon. Not for your every day pointed games however.


On the Chaos side we have:

blood oath chaos goreguard pdf

The big nasty himself An’ggrath takes the field. Not a low points formation at all!

blood oath chaos hell forged hunting pack pdf

A much more affordable formation that’s actually quite good in game. Keep your scorpion protected and he’ll do the lords work!

blood oath chaos the fist of khorne pdf

Dynamic re-entry engaged. These Berzekers will be coming in HOT! Not a bad formation for taking the battle to the followers of the corpse god!

blood oath chaos the bloodied horde pdf

If Khorne Daemons are your thing, this formation is for you!

Checkout the rest of the book, from fluff, to rules, and more below!

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