How To Paint A Genestealer Cults Goliath – TUTORIAL

opn genestealer cults goliath

OrcPainterNerd brings us an incredible start-to-finish painting tutorial on the new Genestealer Cult’s Goliath. Check it out!!

Here is yet another great painting tutorial by OPN and this time he shows us, in extreme detail, how to paint the new Genestealer Cults Goliath!!

opn genestealer cults goliath

After Priming the model grey, a coat of Vallejo Game Air Orange Fire is applied to the dozer blade and Vallejo Moon Yellow is added to the top for a nice highlight.

opn genestealer cults goliath

Some pre-shading is then done on the vehicle in the with Vallejo Game Air Wolf Grey. At this stage all the areas where the light would hit are painted leaving all the areas that would be shaded untouched.

opn genestealer cults goliath

Masking tape has been applied to the dozer blade to create the stripes and then black was painted on. Once the masking tape was removed the some weathering effects were added.

opn genestealer cults goliath

Some serious weathering techniques have been used to give the Goliath a very beat up and used look.

opn genestealer cults goliath

For the entire hour and twenty six minute painting tutorial just check out this video here!

We will be bring some more great tutorials by OPN your way in the future, but in the mean time check out the OPN YouTube Channel for more!

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