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New bundle deals in the form of BIGGER Start Collecting Boxes from Games Workshop are again at the time of the rumor stack. Come see the latest:

Retailers are reporting the following new releases are coming for next week with some old holiday favorites and bundle deals returning!


Remember these rumors from Mini Wars a few weeks back? Well it looks like more folks are starting to chime in with similar versions of the same release. Grab your salt shakers and DIG in!

Source Miniwars (Translated to English)


This Christmas boxes will Start Collecting Premium : packs to mount a more than decent army.For example if a force now can cost about 250 € with the new Start Collecting will be priced at 130 €. Many minis, including heroes and monstrous creatures.
Set design at competitive prices.
New rumors from Silverline on GAC
Q: Do we know which armies?

A: Not even a hint has been given, but I’d imagine it’s a fairly safe bet that Fyreslayers will get one – they are new miniatures, after all, but do not yet have their own box. Other possibilities are a bit less obvious, but I’d guess that anything that has reasonably new plastics is fair game.

The rumour seems to specify that the boxes coming out will be larger than the standard ones – so it’s also perfectly likely that we will see bigger army boxes for Stormcast, Bloodbound, Sylvaneth, etc.

Me, I’m just holding out hope for a Soulbight box with a pile of shiny new plastic models!

And the Originator of Mini Wars Rumor’s,Chikout, chimes in on the same thread to speak of new Dwarves as well:

There are a few mentions in the campaign books of lights in the skies of chamon or something similar.  Sigmar is looking for grungi’s Duaridin on chamon but has not found them.

It is easy to guess that the reason is that they are above it.

It is all but certain that Tzeentch Arcanites are the next big release. Chamon is the realm where Tzeentch is strongest.

My theory is that the next campaign will start out in chamon with Tzeentch, new stormcast (hopefully human auxiliaries)  and the new Duaridin.

So what’s next is anyone’s guess,but let’s face it, holiday army deals have always been a thing with GW so I would expect to see them regardless!

Releasing November 12th 

  • Artificer Tint Set $50
  • Citadel Repair Tool – $20
  • Warhammer 40k Hero Bases $35
  • Warhammer Age of Sigmar Hero Bases $35
  • Haemotrope Reactors $40
  • Re-Release of Balewind Vortex $15
  • Re-release of Magewrath Throne $15
  • Maelstrom Dice Cube Set $10
  • Wound Trackers (6 Pack) $10
  • Citadel Project Box Paint Set $230
  • Citadel Ultimate Paint Set (2016) $700
  • Fortress of Redemption $115
  • Tau Empire Tidewall Rampart $160


Unknown or Incomplete Information at this time:

WOW this is just the tip of the Holiday release iceberg folks. Look for more awesome new releases and bundles soon enough!

warhammer statue hq gw

GW’s 2016 New Release Roadmap

November is looking to be HOT HOT HOT!

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