Brace for Impact: GMM’s White Scars Command!

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wrath_of_khan_008When all else fails… Let go of the handlebars, brace for impact, turn around, and try to kill as much as you can on the way down.
Hello out there.  I am back with another project – this time some White Scars! wrath_of_khan_1
This project originally started as a traditional Scars bike army.  Over time the client asked about adding some flavor, and after discussing it back and forth came up with what is before you today.  Something of a Space Wolf version of White Scars; bikers that are a bit feral and live on their bikes on some plateau planet.  Mongols in space.
Throw in a palette throwback to Frazetta Conan paintings with orange and blue tones, a ton of conversion and bits and you have King Khan on his throne bike and some mean hunters on 41st century horseback.
 Both very happy with what is a relatively common army turned into something very unique. wrath_of_khan_003wrath_of_khan_007wrath_of_khan_026wrath_of_khan_008
Check us out tomorrow for the next post in this mini series. Same time, same place.
Stay Stealth
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See you next time!

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