Mechanicus Unite! Dominus Collectors Edition Unboxed!

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admech wal paper

Today we’re unboxing the super cool Cult Mechanicus Codex Dominus Collector’s Edition that was limited to 900 copies, come take a look.


It comes with the 80 page codex and the usual goodies. The objective cards and canticals of the omnisisah cards that are super amazing. It comes with Blanche Concept art and the coins that are solid and have a good clank to them.


The cover is super luxurious and the pages are great; there’s a brass foil on the edges of the pages. This is the Standard Codex with the usual amazing GW quality.


While I love posters, there are a lot of folds in this and that make its not so great for mounting which makes my hobby heart sad.


The Maelstorm cards are super thin and if you’re going to be shuffling them I don’t think they’re going to last very long.


I love this idea in concept but I’d be worried that it would get messed up pretty quickly during normal use.

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