Should Everyone Get a Triumvirate In 40k?

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The skies have opened up and GW finally gave us some plastic sisters, of course, they didn’t give us an entire line, this is hopefully just an appetizer.

Greyfax and Crawl are also a couple of amazing models. They are blanche-ian models through and through.

John Blanche Artwork

I’m wiling to get more people love the models than hate the models and those that don’t like them will end up converting them to their tastes which is great, there is so much room in the hobby for all of us to be monolithic.

Triumvirate of the Ynnead

The Eldar models are equally as cool, I’m not a fan of Eldar in general so I’ll just leave it at that. However, I can admire a good looking model when I see one.

So, what does Facebook have to say? Well, lets start from the top.

Note: The Inquisition was here…

The Negatives

Jose brings up a good point, the rules are, well, a bit over the top.

GW makes great models, fun rules, but rarely have they unleashed well-balanced rules. Had they been under powered we would have moaned, “What a waste, such great models that will never see the table!”

I’m going to agree with Jade on this, allies are fun and interesting, however, I too would like to see bonuses for mono-faction armies. It’s also sad to see Gene Steeler Cults so heavily nerfed by one model.

The Positives

As usual, this is a very small sample of the vocal minority, however, it is, as always, interesting to see what you guys have to say and I think the trend is that more people like this than dislike it.

As always, hit the link, make a comment and lets share some positive, constructive, ideas. 

sisters of battle color study by skinpeel

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