Forge World Teases New Space Marines Kits For Heresy!

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iron warriors wallpaperForge World just posted 2 new miniatures that will be coming our way. On that will be able to be used with most legions, and the other is for Iron Warriors!

Forge World has been putting out some amazing looking models, and they’re far from done. These 2 new miniatures do not have a release date yet, but they will be available “soon”. Let’s take a look.

Courtesy of Forge World:

The much anticipated Moritat consuls from Forge World are almost ready for release. We have seen these two before, but not in huge detail, so here are a few alternate shots of the kit.

Moritat Plasma

Most Legion forces will have access to these guys, so you just need to decide if you’re going to prefer the deflagrating infantry-flaying power of volkite, or the utterly lethal (to both target and possibly firer) plasma option.

Moritat Volkite

For you Iron Warriors fans out there, the Siege Terminators are about as lethal and durable a package as infantry get. Deadly both at range or in a fight, the models themselves perfectly typify the uncompromising and brutally efficient nature of Perturabo’s Legion.

Iron Warrior TerminatorBoth these miniatures have an incredible amount of detail! As soon as we find out the release date for these we will be sure to let everyone know, so keep your eyes open.

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