2 Amazingly Converted Nurgle Daemon Knights

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Double Shot

Welcome back hobby maniacs, today Rob is here to show us some awesome Nurgle Daemon Knight Titans from the Las Vegas Open.

These amazing Nurgle Daemon engines were the one of the highlights of LVO.  Brought to us by the Wobbly Modelers, these things are insanely detailed.

The Wobbly Modelers are the brainchild of Kelsey Haley, operating out of Richmond Virginia, producing high quality converted models for a range of armies.  Using components from a massive range of GW kits as well as found items such as ornaments and a variety of hand crafted components the Wobbly Modelers turn out some fantastic conversions!


These twin Daemon Knights have some crazy cool hand sculpted details like the fanged maw gun and infected leg on the left Knight to the Lord of skulls cannon and reaper scythe on the right knight.

Mutant KnightEach Knight is exquisitely detailed with awesome conversions like tentacled jaw and Nurgling standard bearers.

Mutant Knight Back

This Knight Titan is thoroughly blessed by Nurgle, that leg has got to be infected!

Reaper Knight Back

The twin Knight titan has a killer hand crafted Scythe, made out of parts from a Christmas ornament with a handcrafted blade ready for reaping the enemies of grandfather Nurgle!

Reaper KnightThe wobbly modelers even used parts from a Skaven Screaming Bell to truly dedicate this Knight to Nurgle!

Check out the whole video here, and if you’re interested in one of these bad boys they may still be for sale!

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