Grotesque Undead Are Incoming For Waiqar’s Legions

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Fantasy Flight Games will be releasing two unit expansions for Waiqar’s Undead Legions. These expansions are too grotesque to pass up!

The borders of the Daqan Lords’ lands are a dangerous place, Now, they will be even more deadly as Waiqar’s Undead Legions release skeletal Reanimates, equipped with rusted wargear and a relentless fightning nature that will have them even coming back after being cut down. Following behind them are the Carrion Lancers, undead riders and their writhing worm mounts that feed off the scraps of battle and kill with digestive ichor and shearing mandibles.

The Reanimate Unit Expansion is a great opportunity to swell your army’s ranks with the potential to field twelve-tray units with the eight Reanimates in this pack. They come with the option for a unit to equip trumpets to increase speed and maneuverability. They also come with an upgrade called Lingering Dead which allows you to keep dead Reanimate trays on the field until the end phase so you can have more opportunities to raise more dead.

Reanimates Expansion Pack: $24.95


Though each reanimate is but a fraction of the being they were when they followed Waiqar in life, the legion of skeletal warriors strike fear into the hearts of those that would stand against them. An unquenchable spite and loyalty to the dread Waiqar the Undying drive the legion to destroy anything in their path.

Expand your ranks of the undead with the Reanimates Unit Expansion. Featuring eight reanimate plastic figures in four different sculpts, the expansion contains everything you need to add one Reanimates unit to your own army. Overrun your opponents with an undead legion and raise your dead with the Reanimates Unit Expansion.

The Carrion Lancers and the worms mounts are grotesque and so are the capabilities. The In the Carrion Lancers Unit Expansion, you’ll find two additional Carrion Lancer figures for your legions—one sculpt identical to the Core Set version, and one entirely new sculpt, showing the Carrion Lancer rearing up and ready to strike. They can be played as a front line lancer or a support lancer or both with lethal effects.

Carrion Lancers Unit Expansion Pack: $34.95

Carrion Lancers

The massive Carrion Worms that follow the armies of Waiqar the undying are not easily tamed, but those that are prove to be valuable assets for the carrion worm masters on the field of battle. Carrion Worms are swift for their size and inspire fear in the heartiest of Waiqar’s enemies.

The Carrion Lancers Unit Expansion features two Carrion Lancer Plastic Figures, one new and one identical to the core set, to expand your legions of the undead. The expansion also features eight new upgrade cards to improve your armies and crush your enemies underfoot.

Pre-orders for both expansions can be made now. However, no date as to when they will be released is available. Be sure to also check out our vid on how to jump into Runewars!

For more information on Waiqar’s Undead Legions and all things Runewars, visit Fantasy Flight Games!


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