Warlord Drops New Units for Bolt Action Campaigns

British Home Guard

These new releases bring more reinforcements to the British forces, even an insane invention for beach storming. Come and take a look!

The British are coming with snipers, homeguard, and an…. explosive rolling wheels?? These Homegaurd units will help you defend Britain and its shores in your campaigns.

The Great Panjandrum$24



The Panjandrum was actually developed in 1943 and was intended as a beach invasion device to be used for Allied landings on the European continent. However, it has become associated with the Home Guard through an episode of Dad’s Army (‘Round and Round Went the Great Big Wheel’).

This wonderful piece of British engineering consisted of two wooden wheels of ten feet in diameter with foot-wide steel treads. The wheels were connected by a central hub filled with explosive. Sets of more than 35 cordite rockets attached to each wheel propelled the device up to speeds of – theoretically – 60mph. The variant in Dad’s Army had a high tech, radio-control system so this is offered as an upgrade option.

This set, made in conjunction with our great friends Sarissa Precision, comes with:

  • 1 MDF Panjandrum
  • 1 (mad) Scientist

British Snipers in Ghillie suits$6.50

British Snipers


Snipers were armed with a SMLE No.4 Rifle equipped with a No.32 Mk.1 telescopic sight. The team carried fifty rounds of ammunition, five tracer rounds and five armour-piercing rounds. Two No.36 Mills bombs or two No.77 smoke grenades were also carried, along with binoculars and a camouflage net.

But what makes these snipers stand out from the rest (ironically) is their heightened level of training, these aren’t your normal riflemen, these are highly trained skilled men ready to take the fight to the enemy!

British Home Guard Smith Gun$20.75

British Home Guard


The Smith Gun actually looked like a real field artillery engine. It was developed by the chief engineer of the Trianco heating appliance company under his own initiative: the cynical called it the ‘Triang gun’ after the toy company.

It was a 3-inch, smooth bore howitzer with solid metal wheels that – with its limber – was light enough to be towed behind a civilian car. The gun was simply upended on one of the wheels for firing.

It had an effective range of about 500 yards and could discharge HE and AT rounds. It was strangely popular, despite an appalling safety record. The exact number manufactured is uncertain but seems to have been 3,000–4,000.

The British units have already landed if you are looking to strengthen your armies.

For more on these units and other Bolt Action minis, visit Warlord Games!

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