New Grymkin Units & Command Book Released


Privateer Press unleashes more nightmare-inducing Grymkin miniatures and the Skorne Command Book this week. Let’s take a look at these new offerings!

It is time for more terrifying Grymkin to be released into the world to reap the wicked. Gleeful Piggybacks that ride shriveled souls into battle; Murder Crows that target vital targets; and the light warbeast Frightmare which is layered with terror, stuffed into a bit flesh, and held by brittle bones. These are the two units and light warbeast that are now available. Also being released is the Skorne Command Book, which contains all current warlocks and warbeasts to date. A selection of core units and solos are included as well.

Piggybacks: $44.99

Piggybacks Grymkin

Squeal for us, it sounds so nice. ’Tis your reward for gluttony’s vice!

Living testaments to the dangers of overindulgence, piggybacks serve as a cautionary tale to all who would surrender to the pleasures of the flesh. The hogs chuff gleefully over the tormented moaning of their withered mounts—tortured souls who must forevermore bear their crushing burdens in battle for the Wicked Harvest of the grymkin.

Murder Crows: $37.99

Murder Crows Grymkin

Cruel beaks, unblinking eyes, slashing talons…all hope dies.

Hideously transformed for their transgressions against others, murder crows creep into the battles of the Wicked Harvest to reap a deadly toll. Appearing seemingly from nowhere, these unnatural assassins are adept at singling out and eliminating vital targets to aid the armies of the grymkin.

Frightmare: $17.99

Frightmare mini

Born of the deepest fears of The Child, the frightmare is a mélange of horrors embodying all that is wrong in the world. Staggering onto the battlefield, it disgorges foul bile to punish the enemies of the grymkin, so that even a victory against them is tainted with foulness.

The King of Nothing can use Frightmares for their animus, which allows for sight through his clouds and The Dreamer can create a strong gunline option with this ranged warbeast.

Forces of HORDES: Skorne: $44.99

Skorne Command Book

Forces of HORDES: Skorne Command provides the foundation every Skorne player needs. It features a complete listing of all current warlocks and warbeasts released to date, as well as and a selection of core units and solos from the Faction.

These awesome Grymkin kits are available now on Privateer Press’ online store or your local FLGS! To see the other Grymkin units and starter box, click here!

For more on the Grymkin and everything HORDES, visit Privateer Press!

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