Chaos Comes To Life With Resin Warrior Demon

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REVIEW & BUILD: Check out the large and in charge Warrior Demon, a greater demon sized model by Creature Caster.

The Warrior Demon embodies everything an angry avatar of Chaos should: strength, stamina, and an appetite for slaying his foes in battle!

Creature Caster has a variety of demons and sculpts, so taking a look at the Warrior Demon is a blast from the past. This resin model dates back to their Kickstarter. For the entire up-close view of this amazing demon, be sure to scroll down and press play on the video below!

Warrior Demon $77 USD

warrior demon 1Warrior Demon is an armoured berserker who lives only for battle. His “demorganic” (demon + organic) armour grows from a calcified and warped skeleton to protrude through his skin. These armoured areas take on skull like shapes, which are twisted and bound together together to form nightmarish plating. While easily able to tear foes apart with just his bare hands, Warrior Demon prefers to hack enemies apart with his massive sword/axe hybrid. Legends say that this weapon was once a mighty demon in its own right before falling to Warrior Demon. In order to escape its fate, the defeated foe transformed into the one thing that would prove too valuable to be destroyed. This lesser demon intended to escape once his captor tired. However, the Warrior Demon does not know the meaning of rest. He flies from battle to battle on massive wings, an unyielding monster, bringing only death.

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The Warrior Demon is a multi-part resin kit that has some crazy detail. While not as detailed as some of their more recent releases, such as the Lady of Corruption, the amount of detail in the body pieces is still amazing. Everything slots together pretty easily and fits well onto the base to appear like he is attacking. When assembled, he is quite tall, standing at 16cm with a 16cm wingspan.

Warrior Demon Parts

When painting up, it is highly recommended to leave the horns and wings off for easier access to painting all parts of the model. The base itself can be glued to an oval and scenic terrain built around it. This model does have some cracks that will need filling, but Vallejo Plastic Putty is fantastic for that.

For more information on the Warrior Demon, and to see some of Creature Caster’s other amazing models, head over to their website. For the entire review and assembly, be sure to press play on the video below!

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