BREAKING: Ork Codex Gubbinz Relic Rules Spotted

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Orktober is really kicking into full swing as more rumors are turning up. Take a look at the Orks “Gubbinz” relics that may be coming in the new codex.

KiriothTV shared a video of some possible Gubbinz (relics) Orks might be getting in the 8th edition codex. Sit back, relax, and check out all the latest for your favorite green Xenos.

We’re going to stick with calling these rumors for now because it’s not coming directly from GW. You’ve been warned.

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BREAKING: Ork Codex Gubbinz Relic Rules Spotted

Disclaimer, these are a bit silly. Looks like power creep might be back in full swing for the Ork Codex.

kirioth relics 1

  • Da Dead Shiny Shoota: This puppy will be able to sling out some serious firepower. The only thing is that you’ll probably be hitting on 5s. Either way, you can use it in each shooting phase and it’ll shred some Guardsmen/Cultist models to bits.
  • Headwoppa’s Killchoppa: This is basically a souped-up axe that can deal mortal wounds.
  • Super Cybork Body: A 5+ FNP can be brutal on certain characters. Maybe something like a Boss in Mega Armor?

kirioth relics 2

  • Da Killa Klaw: This thing is literally better than a Thunder hammer. Orks are keeping pace with the Imperium’s greatest weapons and they’re doing it with scraps!
  • Scorched Gitbonez: Aside from having the coolest name out of all the Gubbinz, this lets you add one to the psychic tests for the Psyker. Keep in mind it’s only for the WAAAAGH! discipline. 
  • Gitstoppa Shells: This relic basically soups up your average dakka gun to be just a little bit better than the others. Not bad when you could make something S6 AP-1 D2.


ork flash gitzClan Specific Gubbinz

kirioth relics 3

  • Da Lucky Stikk: They actually brought this relic back but in a new way. It’s not quite as broken as it was in the previous editions. It does essentially let your characters hit on 2+ with their power Klaws if they’re close enough. Keep in mind this is a GOFF model only.

finkin cap

  • Morgogs Finkin Cap: BLOOD AXE model only. You can essentially generate two different warlord traits for the bearer if he’s your warlord. Or have two different warlord traits on different characters. Not bad at all.
  • Rezmekkas Redder Armour: EVIL SUNZ model only. You can increase the movement of a vehicle your warlord is in and deal out mortal wounds for basically free.

kirioth relics 4

  • Gobshot Thunderbuss: BAD MOONS model with Kustom Shoota variant only. Gain “heavy 2D6 S5 AP-1 D1” AND is automatically hits its target. It’s technically a blunderbuss but it acts just like a flamethrower.
  • Da Fixxer Upperz: DEATHSKULLS model only. You can heal a target either D3 wounds or if he has the Mekaniak ability, heals auto-three wounds.

kirioth relics 5

  • Broggs Buzzbomb: SNAKEBITE only. This is probably the most powerful relic out there. “grenade 3D6 S5 AP-1 D1. Can only be fired once, and spashes out an additional 2d6 hits to an enemy closeby. Oh and it AUTOMATICALLY HITS. You’ll be able to cream infantry squads with this thing or even shave off the last few wounds from a vehicle.
  • Da Badskull Banner: FREEBOOTERS model only. Once per battle, you can tell your opponent that the model is flying the flag on his bosspole. When you do that, no unit in your army has to take morale until the start of your next turn. That’s a good way to keep units stuck to the board and grind out the last few kills of a game.

Stratagem Rumors

strat rumor

This is a copy and paste port from the Space Marine Codex. You can essentially spend CP to get more Gubbinz for your characters. It’s most definitely useful but nothing really new.


What do you think about these Gubbinz spotted for Orks in 8th? If these rumors are true, which one will you be taking with your Clan? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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