Finish Your Miniatures Easy With Celtic Ruins Resin Bases

By Barclay Montgomery | March 21st, 2019 | Categories: Basing, Elriks Hobbies, Resin Bases, Videos

Finish Your Miniatures Easy With Celtic Ruins Resin Bases

Elrik’s Hobbies Celtic Ruins line of resin bases makes finishing your models easy! Check out these new designs that work great for any game out there!

The new line of resin bases from Elrik’s Hobbies are hot off the presses and ready for a fresh unboxing video. In this video, we run down the practical uses for these bases and how they can enhance your miniatures in your army. Elrik’s Hobbies also carries, besides awesome resin bases, many hobby tools, and paints. They even have Scale 75 paint which is top notch with it’s super high-quality matte finish. But we came to review bases, so let’s get started!

Elrik's Hobbies Resin Bases

Celtic Ruins Round Bases $8.00

Elrik’s Hobbies is our first go to for our basing needs! Why? Because they have all the base sizes needed to enhance your tabletop Warhammer 40k hobby for starters. They are really on the ball as far as keeping up with the variety of changing bases sizes out there, so they have you covered in that regard. Their new Celtic Ruins Round Bases are ready to go out of the box at an extremely affordable price.

Elrik's Hobbies Resin Bases

These bases feature great detail with their Celtic look that even have runes on their ancient stones. The oval biker bases also are available with the Celtic Ruins theme, which are especially great for Death Watch miniatures. These oval bases are multi-tiered and feature a ton of details. From crumbled to raised patches of tile, they add a multi-leveled effect to these bases.

Elrik's Hobbies Resin BasesTheir larger oval bases are great for a Dreadknight or even for a flyer base. Larger oval bases also work great as an Adeptus Titanicus Warlord’s base as the tiles are smaller and would look more to scale with the new AT minis.

Elrik's Hobbies Resin BasesThe super large oval base is also great for full-scale Knight Titans but also work for Custodes Grav-Tanks too. It’s multi-leveled and finely detailed, not just a flat piece of terrain on these bases! Elrik’s has done it again for your affordable basing needs.

Bases provided by Elrik’s Hobbies for review & promotion

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