Play Khorne Now! Age of Sigmar Unboxing & Build

By Tim Roberts | March 25th, 2019 | Categories: Age of Sigmar

Play Khorne Now For Age of Sigmar Unboxing & Build

Blood for the Blood God! Come and see the new Khorne releases this week from GW as the Blood God seeks to reestablish his dominance over the realms.

The forces of Khorne are back and they are bringing to bear all their unbridled bloodlust upon the realms.


Come and see all the new releases from the Blood God as we go over the new hotness for AoS so you can decide if you want to lay your hard earned hobby dollars on the blood altar.


Up first is the new Judgments of Khorne. These are the equivalent of the endless spells of mere mortals and are priced at $35. As you can see these new judgments look great and should appease the blood god on the fields of battle. You will notice that you will have some space left over on your bases when you finish assembly of these spells but a little Vallejo Corse Pumace should fill that in nicely.


Up next is the Bloodmaster of Khorne. This new mini will take the place of the standard Herald of Khorne and comes in a $25 dollars US. Though not as big as the Skulltaker this mini has a lot of great detail.


Before he gets into the assembly portion of the video below Rob takes the time to go over the new Blades of Khorne Battletome and Warscroll Cards. Makes sure you check out our video below for a look at all the new Battalions, Artifacts, and Warscrolls.


Here he is! The mighty Skulltaker of KhorneThis miniature has a ton of detail and comes in at $35. Here you can see him compared to the legendary Kharn The Betrayer for scale.


The Skull Alter might not be as large as one might have thought, but this miniature has a ton of detail and even more skulls for the Skull God! The price for this one is $35 dollars. Honestly, you are probably going to want one if you plan on playing Khorne in your games of Age of Sigmar as it is free points-wise, and gives you some pretty good benefits to your army as well!

These new Khorne releases are soon to be the bane of the realms and we can’t wait to see them wreaking havoc on the tabletops.

As always, keep those hobby muscles strong, stay in the trenches, and check out our Khorne Unboxing video below!


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