40k’s Top Unbeatable Army: Broadside Bash GT

kharn 40k’s Top Unbeatable Army: Broadside Bash GT

Don’t miss the top overall armies for Warhammer 40k that made it to the top at the highly competitive Broadside Bash GT in California!

Like we’ve said before, 40k’s meta is as fluid as its ever been. While there will always be “good stuff” in every faction, the lists always have some kind of personal twist to them.

Thanks to Best Coast Pairings, we can look back at what all the players brought and their exact score. We’ll be using the points based off of the Swiss points score, but there were a lot of ties and some players didn’t upload their list so keep that all in mind.

3rd Place: Adeptus Custodes- Geoff Robinson

Adeptus Custodes Wal Hor

The Custodes managed to pull in fourth from the top. The unique thing about this list is that it didn’t use a single Jet Bike Captain!

custodes bash

This list operated on a slower, more methodical and heavy-hitting approach. With three hover tanks (the Caladius and Pallas) fielded along with the Telemon, this list laid down the firepower with high-Toughness bodies. Plus, instead of a Guard Battalion, this list went for the cheap Ad Mech CP farm. All in all, this was a fantastic use of a faction that seems to dominate the meta in a new way.

3rd Place: Aeldari- Daniel Olivas


eldar bash 1

This list had a ton of units and made full use of the max three detachments. Starting off, a fast and cheaper DE Kabal of the Black Heart Battalion was taken for disruption and the Agents of Vect stratagem.

eldar bash 2

Next, a Ynnari spearhead was taken with Yvraine, one big blob of Dark Reapers, as well as two smaller units for armor popping firepower.

eldar bash 3

Finally, a Craftworld battalion detachment full of Skyrunners, a Spiritseer, Storm Guardians, and Rangers were taken. Don’t forget about the two Wave Serpents in the list either.

Even though they fill a Dedicated Transport slot in the army, they are one of the best units out there points-wise. All in all, this list operated like a well-oiled machine. With Dark Eldar units tying up key enemy firepower, the Dark Reapers boosted by Yvraine could blast anything away that needed to go. The Craftworlds were there to give more psychic power and board presence. Great list!

1st Place: Imperium- Reece Robbins (List Omitted)

1st Place: Tau- Brian Pullen

tau army

This list brought out the big guns and doom frisbees. The Tau fielded three Riptides with burst cannons, Missilesides, and a swarming cloud of Drones to keep them all safe.

Tau bash 1

Of course, there were some Fire Warriors to flesh out a Battalion for CP, but the real workhorses were the suits covered in swirling flying metal dinner plates.

tau bash 2

This list has become a pretty standard archetype for Tau players in 40k right now. But great job pulling out the 1st place win!

What do you think about the lists from the tournament? Do you play Tau the same way? What’s the biggest event you’ve ever participated in? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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