3 Hot Takes From The AoS Slaves to Darkness FAQ

By Wesley Floyd | January 14th, 2020 | Categories: Age of Sigmar, Chaos, FAQ, News / Rumors

archaon_walpaperSlaves to Darkness are the latest faction to hit the AoS scene and just about a week after release, they’ve gotten an FAQ. Check out the top changes.

Looking at the recent theme of GW over the past year, it’s no surprise to see a brand new book already tweaked just days after its release. You may be looking at your book trying to figure out some of the biggest/ more relevant changes by now. Here are some of the more notable tweaks we’ve spotted. Coming from Warhammer Community on the FAQ page:

3 Hot Takes from the Slaves to Darkness FAQ

chaos start collecting aos slaves to darkness (3)While we recommend that you go to the full FAQ page yourself, we’ll be pulling out the highlights of the changes. This stuff is useful for all players. But if this is your home faction, you’ll want to dig a bit deeper on absolutely everything that was clarified. 

Weapon Options Reworded

slaves faq 1For a majority of the Slaves to Darkness units, specifically mortals, they had their weapon options tweaked. You can only have one weapon type out of the whole unit. That means you can’t have dudes with flails/axes sitting in the backline to proc even more attacks from safety. This is a minor change but definitely took away some damage output from STD units.

Bloated Blessings Nerfed

slaves faq 2Probably one of the biggest (and understandable changes) was rewording to the Bloated Blessings rule. This used to turn your meatshield/glass cannon unit into a totally unfair melee wrecking ball. Every time a 6 was made for a hit roll, it would cause mortal wounds to fly back at your opponent. However, it was changed to just proc for just one instance per attack sequence of an entire unit.

Archaon Reworked Slightly

slaves faq 3Archaon needs to roll two 6’s for unmodified wound rolls in order to kill a Hero outright. and Archaon’s By My Will rule can’t be used twice on the same unit.


slaves faq 4And to top it all off, STD Heroes, including Archaon can only benefit from one type of aura (at a time). Even though Arhcaon has all four Chaos keywords, you can only pick one aura to bless him.

Overall, these were some decent changes made to the army. While they weren’t as big as the Imperial Fists/Salamanders changes, this batch of tweaks could have definitely forced some lists back to the drawing board.

What do you think is the biggest change to hit the faction? What’s the all-star unit for the army now? Is there an “auto-take” Battalion?

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