Top 3 40k Army Lists That Crushed the Scarab GT

space marine wal hor tourneyDon’t miss three top 3 40k army lists that took last weekend’s Scarab GT. These factions were the ones that were left standing after the smoke settled. Check this out.

Shifting the scales in the meta a bit, there were some interesting factions that arose to the top. The key point is that they weren’t all Space Marines. Check out these lists, that thanks to Best Coast Pairings, we can look back on from the event.

While there were three top armies from the event, for whatever reason, the 3rd place listing won’t seem to load. Because of this, we’ll be looking at the 5th place list with some pre-Ritual of the Damned Thousand Sons.  Here’s what made it to the tabletop at the Scarab GT.

Top 3 40k Army Lists That Crushed the Scarab GT

scarab gt

5th Place: Thousand Sons- Konner Long

thousand sons


thousand sons konner longThousand Sons hit the tables taking some interesting choices. a Daemon Prince joined up with Ahriman to lead a Battalion of three Tzaangor bombs. Flooding the field with some nice melee potential and a big Troop-choice footprint, Magnus hit the table to help cover the psychic aspect of the list.

With a blob of Tzaangors moving up the board and having characters seeded within the ranks, two Deredeos hung back and popped light armor with butcher cannons while (hopefully) standing on objectives. And last but not least, a Mutalith vortex Beast also charged up the board and acted what could be a T-Sons equivalent to a distraction Carnifex.

2nd Place: John Karuza- Eldar

eldar wal


eldar karuza 1Taking what looks to be best described as just “Aeldari good stuff”, this list had a ton of different units that we don’t normally see in Eldar lists these days. However, John made it work! Here’s what he brought.

The Avatar of Khaine along with the new Jain Zar model rolled deep with two huge blobs of Guardian Defenders and a Dire Avengers squad in a Battalion. This offered a crazy amount of firepower that could be relevant even shooting against heavily-armored targets.

eldar karuza 2Banshees supported Jain Zar and more than likely hovered around her all game. Meanwhile, a squad of Hornets also hit the table for quick objective grabbing and some nice harassing firepower.

eldar karuza 3In a Supreme Command detachment, the psychic aspect of the list was covered with Eldrad and a couple of Warlocks setting their eyes above the battlefield to protect/buff their friendly units in combat.

And finally, a small heavy support contingent was brought out with two Night Spinners and a couple of War Walkers making up the rest of the points. The Nightspinners, sitting on a Wave Serpent chassis, offered up some more S 4 rending firepower. While the War Walkers served as a roughly 60 pt body offering D3 damage shots from 36″ away. Their firepower that was easy to underestimate and overlook!

Overall, this list had about five unit options that we hardly ever see in the current Aeldari meta. However, John made it work. Great job.

1st Place: Necrons- Ryan Osborne


osborne necrons 1Taking a step into 1st place, this list is roughly what we’ve normally been seeing for Necrons. Maxing out three Doom Scythes, this gave the list some speed and harassment to buy time for the normally-slower Necrons. Bring Imotekh,the big Kahuna Necron, he was able to mortal wound bomb something once per game.

Immortals were taken because they’re just the better option over Warriors currently. With squads of five armed with exploding tesla carbines offering up about the same firepower as a squad of twenty Warriors, they also almost never have to worry about models in their unit running away from failed morale.

Two blobs of Destroyers were also taken to make use of one of the best Stratagems in the game allowing them to reroll everything at one unit in particular. If this list ever needed something really dead, it only costed 1CP and a turn of dedicated shooting.

osborne necrons 2Finally, Tomb Blades rolled five models deep to glide up to objectives and camp them while still offering decent infantry-killing firepower. If you’re thinking about running these, don’t be afraid to spend an extra 3 pts for shieldvanes giving +1 to the armor save. That’s stupid value.

For some backfield presence and tank-popping firepower, two Doomsday Arks lobbed high-strength shots at the big stuff while the rest of the list plinked remaining wounds off. Awesome list overall and way to go putting your own twist on it!

Which of these factions do you play on the tabletop? Have you put your own twist on the “meta” builds for your faction?

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