Conversion Corner- Flying DreadKnight

I was trolling around e-Bay earlier today, looking for some airbrush parts, and happend upon this cool conversion, a WYSIWYG Dreadknight with Jump Pack.

Pretty cool looking, so I thought I’d share.

I like how the Valkyrie engines are just about the right scale for the project as well.

From the auction page “I’ve replaced the Grey Knight pilot in the harness with a more robot/dreadnought look, I just wasn’t a fan of the harnessed rider.

The model has been converted using only Games Workshop parts and one generic plastic curved piece, so there’s no other company’s parts in there.

I’ve made a jump pack for it from the IG valkyrie engine parts, representing a personal teleporter. I just wanted something that looked really big and impressive to show it can jump around the battlefield. It has the Daemonhammer upgrade.

The head is from the old (old) plastic Warhammer 40,000 Epic Warlord Titan model. It’s unpainted except for the head, that was painted white a long time ago.”

It’s up for sale by el_wardo who was a longtime bits customer back in the day.

Here is the linky if you want to check it out.

More pics below!

Orky, Flying and Caged, dare I say we have seen it all on here when it comes to DreadKnights?

What is it about this model that makes it so awesome to convert? -MBG

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