Pimp That Battlesuit- Xzibit Edition

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Well since Finecast came out almost one year ago, metals have almost all but disappeared.  Which has been quite devastating to some lines, most notable Tau.

The problem is, well you can’t get Crisis Commanders, Broadsides, or even the long lost Shadowsun.

So whats a budding Tau player supposed to do?  Beg, borrow, and steal some bits to make what they can I guess….

At the shop here sometimes we get “used” merchandise in from time to time, and after trading for a crappie assembled Broadside model, I gave it to Jkin so he could restore it to it’s former glory.

Jkin as you know loves to jump around from project to project, and even has a Tau army.  So checkout his pimpage of a battlesuit below.

The Conversion(s)

I don’t really know if this qualifies as a “conversion” per-ce BUT I don’t have labels for anything else, so for blog purposes this is a conversion (or Sparta, whatever). 

Jkin basically took a normal XV8 Crisis suit and added the salvaged Railguns from the traded in model.  He used the Landspeeder Typhoon Launchers for the SMS (Smart Missile System), and mounted them on the model’s shoulders Predator style.

He also took and cut down some Crisis Plasma Rifles for “scopes”  and glued them to the railguns themselves.  A gun drone was also attached to the base to help with the center of gravity, and as a bit of homage to the Imperial servo skulls I imagine.

There also a few other subtle conversions to the suit itself as well. I always like the arm mounted Railgun configuration like Forge World does, so I’m definitely fond of this “pimped” model.

Check out the Work In Progress (WIP) shots, below.

You can checkout more of the crazy work Jkin puts out, HERE.

Bring on the Tau Games Workshop! -MBG

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