Dark Vengeance 6th Ed Starter Box Pics & Debate

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Well the White Dwarf got leaked somehow yet again, and it’s all over the internet, again….

Apparently it started at “The 40k Project” who was the first to posted the images below.  I dont know how it keeps happening, but ah well.

Maybe this whole debuting products in a physical magazine thing, isn’t such a good idea after all.

Even with some rumored punishment for leaking the pics, here they are for the world to see.  It does seems to have scared off the normal leakers though, which is good I guess.

Heck even Apple can’t guard their iPhone, leaving them behind in bars and such.  Regardless after this leak, I would imagine very soon products will stop debuting in White Dwarf, and well see them either at Games Days, or exclusively via web previews.

Of course I’m sure there would be a follow up post in the next months issue, but I can imagine right now there are quite a few angry blokes over at GW HQ.

Or maybe it’s a rogue agent thats secretly planting this stuff… who knows.  I just want to see new minis SHOW ME THE MINIS!!!

Overall the figures look great, I think this is shaping up to be the best start box set to date! These are way better than previous stater box minis, and blow away what they did with the Fantasy Starter!

Pics below, Enjoy! -MBG

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