Lord Abbadon, Ruler of the Four Winds

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Welcome to Army of One, where I display a great looking painted model from stuff I’ve done or amazing figures I’ve seen around.

If you click on the Army of One label you’ll be able to scroll through some great looking figures, all at once.

Today we take a look at a great model inspired by Ali Sharifi, and executed by Golden Demon award winner Tom Schadle (Commander Y).

Ali wrote in with pics of this model, and a brief description on his vision! I’ll let him take it away;

Notice Abaddon and how he has shoulder plates and greaves from all 4 ruinous powers.  His head comes from Lord Zhufor along with Finecast Abaddon top knot.  The body is from the terminator lord kit and weapons from both Zhufor and Abaddon.  -Thanks for sharing, Ali!- MBG 

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