Warp Time- Pre-Heresy Ahriman of Prospero

Ahriman Pre Horus

Hobbimaniacs! Today we are bringing in some great retro feels! Here is a Pre-Heresy Ahriman of Prospero for you to feast your eyes upon!

Recently I got to see some more Work In Progress shots of Jkin’s Ahriman model.

You may remember this guy from a previous post here.

Jkin said he had finished him the other day, so I asked him to bring him by the shop for some pictures.

Well funny story is, after digging him out of his case, Jkin ended up tearing off and adding on more bits to make him “better looking”.

Well I can’t argue with that at all!

Here is yet more W.I.P. shots of Pre-Heresy Ahriman of Prospero!



The Conversion

Jkin pretty much stayed true to his old model, just doing a simple weapon swap and adding an actual scarab bit to Ahriman’s chest.pre-heresy-ahriman-of-prospero-01

He also painted him up in the traditional  Pre-Fall of Prospero chapter colors which look great!Yet more great work. Can’t wait to see the final, final finished model!

Three Sixty, below featuring a little preview of Ahriman’s chosen Terminators, and a strangely familiar yet different blue sorcerer…

You can checkout more of Jkin’s work here. He also has separate tag for his Scarab Occult Thousand Sons army.


More amazing work from an amazing hobbyist! -MBG

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