30k Explodes- The Horus Heresy Weekender Report

Loken (Alec Peters) was over at the Horus Heresy Weekender and reported back on everything from new models to the release schedule.  Here is his report:

This is the massive Black Library/Forge World event all about the Horus Heresy.  Authors, model makers and everyone involved in the crafting of the books, models and history of the Heresy are here.   

To read the full pantheon of articles I have written on this event, go to Apocalypse40K.  But here are the highlights that any Horus Heresy fan needs to know.

First, are a couple of great models.  The above Legion Tank is meant to be link between the Land Raider and Predator.

The Legion Kharybdis Assault Claw.  It arrives like Drop Pod but can fly after it lands.  It is heavily armed and has a new weapon called a Vortex Melta.

The Mechanicum castellax battle-automata of the LegioCybernetica.  Unique armaments. Mauler pattern bolt cannon. Just shy of Contemptor Dreadnought strength-wise

The character everyone (Traitor and Loyalist) loves to hate: Erebus!
Notes on the upcoming Hours Heresy books:
The Horus Heresy Book Two

Covers the Drop Site Massacre, Istvaan V

     Iron Hands.
     Word Bearers
     Night Lords
Plus Mechanicum Legio cybernetica and Titan Legion
The Horus Heresy Book Three
The last part of the first Trilogy – Part Two of the Battle of Isstvan V and; the Battle of Phall

     Raven Guard
     Iron Warriors
     Alpha Legion
     Imperial Fists


The next trilogy of books is:


     Signus Prime

     Thousand Sons
     Space Wolves
     Legio Custodes
     Sisters of Silence
     Blood Angels

Best Quote of the weekend.  Gav Thorpe – “Basically, the Horus Heresy is a story about daddy issues.”

For complete Horus Heresy Weekender coverage, make sure you check out Apocalypse40K

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