Cheap ‘n Easy Azreal DA Conversion

Greetings fellow wargamers!  A friend of mine wanted an alternative to the Azrael figure offered by GW, but had a limited budget to work with.

He asked me to research a cheap alternative.  And so a new conversion begins . . .

For this particular build, I drew from two bits:  the Dark Vengeance Lord and the Dark Angels Terminator kit.

In the case of the former, the lord already rocks a great vestment, he’s packing a combi plasma on his back, his sword is right on par with the one carried by Azrael.


For the watcher, I used the relic protector from the Deathwing Terminator set.  I simply removed the helmet from the Dark Angels Lord and used that in place of the sword carried by the watch.

I kept the left over sword for battlefield debris to be sued at a later date.  A little grey stuff to smooth over the gaps helped to hide the previous sword blade as well.

For the banner we borrowed the banner from the Deathwing kit . . . it was pinned and grey stuffed over for a bit of extra strength, since these banners LOVE to break off in your carry cases.

 Finally, for the head I selected a Deathwatch Head from my bits box.  The open mouthed/screaming look of the head works well to create a action figure style pose!

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Caleb, WMG

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