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By Rob Baer | June 14th, 2013 | Categories: Uncategorized

Once again the time has come for all online business to comply with Games Workshop’s Draconian online policies.

The 2003 policy recently amended three months ago, has effectively ended bits sales and all retailer’s ability to sell GW product in a shopping cart.

So this is it true believers at midnight tonight (June 14th), we will no longer be able to ship Games Workshop products Internationally OR sell GW products in a shopping cart.

As this final chapter closes in what once a bright and prosperous time, we would like to thank everyone for the privilege of serving your bits needs, first as Battlewagon Bits, and now as Spikey Bits.

But the power of the Matrix will light our darkest hour, or so the saying goes.

Starting on Saturday June 15th we will only be able to sell Games Workshop product via phone orders OR our sweet new Games Workshop Mail Order Sheet (which you can get by sending an Email to ordergw@spikeybits.com).

We can however sell all of our other over 10,000 plus products in a shopping cart everyday, and would love to continue to provide you with your gaming supplies.

Plus don’t forget about our weekly sales featuring your favorite games at up to 30% OFF!

In the near future we’ll be expanding out our product offerings, as well as upgrading our ordering systems to help accommodate our continued growth, and to maintain our strict customer service standards!

If you haven’t heard already SpikeyCon, wargaming’s newest convention of sorts will be happening in just a two short weeks, and will feature tons of great special guests and events. Check it out HERE

For right now however, I wanted to share with you all whats going on with our policies here, and how they will affect our business in regards to retailing Games Workshop products.

Over the last year we have grown leaps and bounds.  We just expanded into a 6,000 square foot facility to help keep up with the growth of both our retail and our online store storefronts.

That being said we’ll be able to carry more and more products than what we do now in the very near future. We already have open accounts with a ton of manufacturers of great new Independent games out there, and we’re just waiting on the space to house them!

I feel like our business, along with the whole table top gaming industry is at a crossroads of sorts. The independent miniature market (when separated from the same market as Games Workshop games) has experienced HUGE spurt of growth over the last one to two years, and many insiders are projecting this trend continuing.

Heck the Number Two overall selling war game of 2013 hasn’t even been around a year, and has already dethroned Dust, and Warhammer Fantasy to take that spot (FFG’s X-Wing Miniatures Game).

Couple this with very bad publicity (and yet another June price “adjustment”) by a certain company, and many feel the timing is right for a huge surge in table top gaming that could be likened to the trading card boom of the early 90’s.

What does this all mean to you? Long story short, there should be no shortage for new miniature games and figures for us to buy and play.

Plus the opportunities for truly affordable figure solutions to the top war game out there are already here, and selection will continue to surprise and amaze us as new companies release more and more awesome figures.

And that is precisely where Spikey Bits comes in.  While we may no longer sell bits, we still sell everything else (including conversion bits from companies like KromlechMaxminiKabuki, and Scibor). Right now we have almost 10,000 unique products available in our webstore for purchase, and we have no plans for stopping.

But don’t worry you’ll still be able to order Games Workshop product after June 15th, just not in a shopping cart form.

That’s about it, I hope this post helps everyone make sense of whats going on with the hobby we all love over the next few weeks.

My name is Robert Baer. I am a survivor living in Richmond, Virginia. I will be broadcasting on all media frequencies. I will be at FTW Games everyday. We open at mid-day, when the sun is highest in the sky. If you are out there… if you want to game… I can provide tables, I can provide products, I can provide supplies. If there’s anybody out there… anybody… please. You are not alone.

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