The Mystery Box is BACK for 1 Week Only

By Rob Baer | June 21st, 2013 | Categories: Uncategorized

Back for just one week only, we made up another batch of Mystery Boxes to celebrate SpikeyCon!

But they are only here for just one week, and I made them EXTRA good!

Since we first offered them over the holiday last year, we had a ton of feedback about the Gamer Mystery Box, how much it cost, and what was inside of it (and if we had anymore for sale).

Overall the response was amazing to the first batch of Mystery Boxes, and  someone even did an un-boxing of one they purchased, which I thought was very cool and humbling at the same time.

So with all the stuff going on with the gaming world, and SpikeyCon getting ready to happen, we figured why not bring them back again for a limited time?

The latest batch of Spikey Bits’ Gamer MYSTERY BOXES are currently on sale now!

We made up a brand new batch of these Mystery Boxes, since they did so well when we offered them over the holidays!

This time around there will be even MORE bonus Forge World goodies, as well as, spring/summer new releases from all the Gaming Manufacturers we carry!

Plus this time around, we’re also adding a new version of the Gamer Mystery Box as well.  It’s called the “Mini” and it will sell for $100. Each one will net you at least $150 in retail value back, and contain some great surprises as well, just like it’s bigger brother the $200 version!

This awesome product comes to you disguised as a large shipping container, but packed inside is a random assortment of brand new gaming swag!

Checkout over $20,000 in swag we put in the last batch of boxes, there was even more product under that table as well (see that stack of Forge World goodies?)

For a meager purchase price you will receive an amazing random assortment of sweet gaming swag from such companies as Forge World, Games Workshop, Privateer Press, Wizards of the Coast, Spartan Games, Gale Force Nine, Corvus Belli, Army Transport, KR Multicase, FFG, and Mantic Miniatures just to name a few!

Why buy something so random? Well, besides the fact it will be like opening up a present to yourself,  each box’s retail value will far surpass it’s purchase price!

Each one will cost only $200, but will contain at least an incredible $300 in full retail of products!!! So just by purchasing one of our mystery boxes, you’re seeing a 150% return on your investment.

Plus just to spice things up a bit, there will be a select few “HOT” boxes that will contain an astonishing $400 retail value in product, doubling your investment!

Yup you heard right, you will always get at least 50% more in retail value that what you pay in, and some lucky mystery box shoppers will get back DOUBLE their investment!

Want to get your very own mystery box? Don’t wait the latest batch of Spikey Bits’ Gamer MYSTERY BOXES are currently on sale now!

I’ll try to get another video up shortly showcasing the contents of these new boxes, but I may not have time with all the preparations for the big SpikeyCon event.  However I promise this is the best batch yet of these boxes, as each one was personally assembled by me MBG!

A Random Mystery Box from Spring 2013

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