Death From Above- New Horus Heresy Models

By Rob Baer | July 20th, 2013 | Categories: Forge World, Game & Hobby Products

Looks like games of 30k (Horus Heresy) just got a little cooler!

Checkout the newest Whirlwind, and re-imagined land speeders now available from Forgeworld!

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Forgeworld: New Land Speeder and a LETHAL Whirlwind Arrive!

You know what I miss? People being afraid of Whirlwinds.  Forgeworld has a solution:

Whirlwind Scorpius £49.50 (rules here)

An ancient variant of the more common Whirlwind missile tank, the Scorpius was designed with a single purpose in mind – the destruction of heavily armoured infantry. The Scorpius variant replaces the Whirlwind’s multiple missile launcher system with the intricate drum-fed scorpius launcher, whose implosive warheads are devastating to armoured infantry and light vehicles. The Whirlwind Scorpius’ origins lie in the dark days of the first inter-Legion civil war and, in more recent times, it has become an all but forgotten relic amongst some Chapters as the ability to manufacture its complex munitions has become a forgotten art, but for other Chapters it still remains a potent weapon of war.

Javelin Attack Speeders £52 (rules here)

Larger and more heavily armoured than the common pattern of Land Speeder, the Javelin Attack Speeder is a nigh-irreplaceable relic of a bygone age of technological mastery. Gravitic nullification plates, the secret of whose production and maintenance have long since been lost, allow the Javelin to mount an array of heavy weaponry more akin to a heavy tank destroyer than a nimble Land Speeder, allowing them to make pinpoint strikes on enemy armour or infantry with devastating lascannon or missile barrage. Those Chapters of Space Marines whose histories stretch back into the grim days of the Imperium’s founding may, if they are fortunate, still possess a few justly revered Javelins within the sanctified depths of their armouries.

Anyone who sees that Javelin will have fond memories of this baby from the days of yore:
And, wow, you should really check out those rules.  Both of those vehicles are pretty good.  Solid rules from the Forgeworld crew!
~Have at it.

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