Death Guard Sternguard Conversions

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Hello everyone!  Cadaver here from Home Of Cadaver

Back in the day when I was using Death Guard marines as regular Space Marines I did some conversions to make a Sternguard unit. I wanted them to be different from the rest of my pre-heresy marines but significantly different since they were Sternguard. The answer on this problem came from a variation of sources.

The models are based again on the wonderful Mk2 and Mk3 armors from Forge World but this time I also used heads and backpacks from MaxMini as well as some shoulderpads from Chapterhouse. Finally the bolters are again from the chaps at Forge World, as well as the lascannon!

To finish off the models, I used Micro Art trench bases (unfortunately OOP now), which are really cool and give that extra theme and drama to the model!

So now that I am using Death Guard from the Betrayal Book, what do you guys think I should use them for?

Check out also the rest of my Death Guard army so far.

Finally, some music for inspiration, till next time, Take care!

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