First Look- White Dwarf #28 Logan Grimnar

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The rumors are true guys, we have a new Chariot Lord model. This time however he’s not a robot! Actually there are few characters in the 40k universe that I would suspect are secretly robots, but Logan Grimnar is not one of them.

White Dwarf #28 brought us our first official look at next week’s Space Wolves release, and I’d say opinions are the more divided on this model than any other.


Personally I think this would look good as a huge rocket trike (like a certain Forge World Ork Warboss), but hey I’m sure we’ll see a ton of cool conversions here soon after it comes out.

The rest of the magazine is pretty good, however not the best I’ve read lately. Back again is Paint Splatter (featuring the new Chariot), a 1500 point battle report, and Jervis Johnson’s corner featuring a cool new WD exclusive mission for 40k.

Check it all out below in our first look video review! – MBG


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