Forward You Sexy Beast! – Maulerfiend Showcase

hellkfure copy

The title was obviously meant for MBG, it had nothing to do with the model I want to showcase.

This model, like so many in my collection, is build with the sole intent of making my friends, even the non-gaming ones, laugh.


I really wanted to paint the new End Times model and I also needed a Maulerfiend.







Parts used:

(FB)Maggoth Lord

(FB)Slaughterfiend Tentacles

(FB) Chaos Warshrine ( The part where the nurglings are standing on )

(40K) Nurglings ( Leftovers from a box )

If you have a real Maulerfiend, you can use the big armor plate on your Maggoth Lord instead of the nurgling drivers.

(great looking model Max, but need more Cats!) -MBG

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