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By Rob Baer | January 7th, 2015 | Categories: Fantasy Flight Games, New Wargaming & Hobby Products

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Fantasy Flight Games just released the newest warpack the Conquest LCG titled Scourge.

“Needz Mor Dakka!!!”

–Gubgutz, Ork Strategist

A new plague of death sweeps across the Traxis sector. Those who stand against it sicken and die, rotting before they hit the ground and leaving none alive but the servants of Chaos! Now, you can infect your opponents with new and terrible diseases from The Scourge War Pack for Warhammer 40,000: Conquest, now available at your local retailer.

In this expansion, you gain a new warlord for the Chaos faction: Ku’gath Plaguefather who wields the corrosive power of Nurgle. Beyond this new warlord and his signature squad, you’ll find plenty of cards for other factions, continuing the major themes of the Warlord cycle by introducing new uses for your warlords. You may fortify yourself in an Inquisitorial Fortress, hunt through the stars with more Space Wolves, or embrace Kauyon battle tactics with the Tau. You can even unleash a horde of frenzied Orks to ravage the sector!

Take a Hit

Currently, the Orks in the Traxis sector are led exclusively by Nazdreg (Core Set, 3), the warlord of the Bad Moons. Under Nazdreg’s leadership, the Orks are always ready to take a hit – as long as they can hit back even harder. Nazdreg grants the Brutal keyword to all of your units at his planet, allowing them to deal more damage as they take damage themselves.

This strategy has some inherent weaknesses, however. If your units have no damage, they gain no benefit from Brutal. But as your units take damage, they become increasingly more fragile. Now, in The Scourge, Nazdreg and the Orks find new ways to make their brutal threats more deadly and reliable than ever.

One crucial addition is Dakka Dakka Dakka! (The Scourge, 34). By playing this event during the deployment phase and exhausting your warlord, you deal one damage to every unit in play! Obviously, this offers an easy way to deal with weakened enemy units. More importantly, it boosts the potential attack power of every army you control at the same planet as Nazdreg, besides activating units like the Bad Dok (Core Set, 65) that must be damaged to unlock their abilities. Dakka Dakka Dakka! can also protect your units from taking too much damage. By using it as a shield card at the opportune moment, you can shield enough damage to keep your army from annihilation, allowing it to strike for the maximum possible amount of damage.

Of course, an Ork warband needs plenty of units with high damage capacity to make the most of Brutal. To that end, you may choose to take advantage of an Attack Squig Herd (The Scourge, 33). This unit features an already respectable four ATK, but its damage capacity of six is even higher. When combined with Nazdreg, an Attack Squig Herd with five damage could strike for nine damage, enough to bloody nearly any warlord in the game, even when its controller attempts to protect it with a shield card.

As your units take damage, they become more powerful, but they also come closer to destruction. In this War Pack, you gain another way to forestall the demise of your heavily damaged Orks: a Kustom Field Generator (The Scourge, 35). The Kustom Field Generator offers you an exceptional effect that can be triggered when one of your Ork units is assigned damage. You can exhaust the Kustom Field Generator to prevent all damage, then reassign it as indirect damage among your Ork units at the same planet. In other words, you can split the damage from an incoming attack among your Ork units. Not only does this allow you to keep a unit from being destroyed, it allows you to deal more damage to your other units and increase their attack power for your future attacks!

Forward unto Glory

War rages throughout the Traxis sector, even as the legions of Chaos sweeps forwards, laden thick with plague and pestilence and death. But the foul daemons and corruption vomited forth from the Warp are not the sector’s only claimants. The Emperor’s finest Space Marines, ancient Eldar warriors, and crazed Ork warbands also contest these planets. Will you rampage with the diseased legions of Chaos, or will you lead another army to glory?

Pick up your copy of The Scourge War Pack at your local retailer today!


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