40k / Fantasy Crossover – 6 Signs This is Happening?

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Are the End Times coming for 40k? Some say the writing has been on the wall for some time, and now we’re hearing that BIG’ things are coming this summer for 40k.

So I took a look back at the recent End Times Books, some fresh leaks, and pieced together what may be some solid indications that the lines between 40k and Fantasy are a lot more blurred that we may have thought.

50 Shades of 40k?

6. The following Daemon characters not covered below, were all in one or more of the End Times books, while also appearing in 40k. Ku’gath, Fateweaver, and Epidemius.


5.) N’kari, a Keeper of Secrets, was the Daemon who assaulted the Eleven lands in Fantasy during the first daemonic incursion (and again later) and was defeated by Aenarion. He was also summoned by Erebus of the Word Bearers on Calth, reportedly killed the Phoenix Lord Asurman, and was banished by the Grey Knights on the doomed craft world of Malan’tai after snacking on hidden spirit stones of the dead.  The Daemon most recently appeared during the battle between Malekith, and Tyrion in the End Times Curse of Khaine.


4). Remember all those old stories of the epic battle between Sanguinus and a Bloodthirster during the siege of the Imperial Palace, the one where Sanguinus ends up choke slamming him into the ground from the atmosphere?

Currently in the ‘new’ 40k lore this is the same daemon that in Fear to Tread, BREAKS Sanguinuis’ legs in their first encounter, and whom Sanguinus does fight again at the Eternity Gate on Terra. It is unclear if a choke slam is involved in the ladder encounter.

This Daemon’s name is Ka’banda, and it seems like we’re about to see a lot more of him. Check these two pictures out, both from the upcoming End Times Archaon book leaks.

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Notice anything similar to the pictured profile head for him above (top left) and the one below?

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The pics are small, but the head on the model looks to have the same horn features and starburst skull amulet hanging from his collar (of Khorne), as the picture of Ka’banda.

The Daemon may also have been the voice talking to Archaon advocating Khorne at the end of Book 4; Thanquol after Fateweaver leaves the room.

3). Skaven supposedly phoned home in End Times Thanquol, and rang up what may be an Eldar Craftworld, (using Lizardmen technology) or something far better/ or worse. They do react to the voices in the same manner as they react to the Elves of Fantasy who they are quite fearful of.

2). Depending on who or what you choose to believe, the description of an ‘unusually large knight in gleaming silver armor’ who helps Araloth (the Wood Elf) in his quest to enter Father Nurgle’s Manse in the Realms of Chaos, is none other than Kaldor Draigo, chapter master of the Grey Knights.  You can checkout the other signs that point to this first ‘official’ crossover here.

1). Bel’akor IS the Herald of the End Times, and as this herald has appeared in both 40k and Fantasy lore, (most recently in Book 1 of the End Times). It was he, who in his roll as ‘The Harbinger’ crowned Archaon the ‘Everchosen’, the latest chosen champion of the Chaos Gods that will attempt to conquer the Fantasy world in their name..

Be’lakor is incidentally the one who ruled the Fantasy world in the times before the rise of the elves, the manner of his rule leading to his current ‘enslavement’ to being ‘The Harbringer’ or ‘Herald of the End Times’ by Tzeentch himself.

Back in 40k land, Be’lakor along with the aid of a certain Iron Warriors warsmith struck at Terra, and boarded the Imperial Fist’s Phalanx in an attempt to turn it’s guns on the Imperial palace.  The Fist’s 3rd company managed to transition the vessel into the warp to end the immediate threat to Terra, and the battle is currently ongoing as the 40k clock ticks every closer to midnight.

So are these all just coincidences, or are they adding up to something bigger?

Have we missed the signs of a new 40k / Fantasy narrative, this whole time?

40k End Times Rumor Roundup

Either way may we live in interesting times this summer. -MBG

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