RUMORS – 40k END TIMES This Summer?

By Rob Baer | February 12th, 2015 | Categories: End Times, News / Rumors


Oh my, the portents are shifting and some very particular statements have been made by some very influential people. Something BIG is on the horizon for 40k, go look.

It’s not very often that multiple rumormongers heap it on in while in the same topic in succession.  Checkout what these scions of warhammer gossip have been saying today.

First Darnok gets the party started:

My latest information has 9th for summer. May has something else coming.

Then Harry adds a dash or reliability:

You are laughing now. This will cause a ***** storm of similar proportions on the 40K boards to the one we have been enjoying on the fantasy side.

Finally throws gasoline on the fire:

Oh you guys are gonna love it. 🙂

40K End Times? Discussion

Is it true? Will the story line finally advance? Is this The End for 40k? -MBG

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