The Glottkin – a Painter’s Model

glottkin walpaper

Sometimes a model comes along that’s just so bad ass you HAVE to paint it.

I think Glottkin is one of the most imaginative and spectacular models GW has ever done, so I spent some real time on painting it.

These days I like to use sickly yellowish brown colors for most of my Nurgle projects rather than the ubiquitous greens, though I frequently use green for an accent color.


A base spray of Zandri Dust, followed by an over brush of Zamesi Desert and a wash of Agrax Earthshade give the big fellow, Ghurk, his unique sickly skin tone. I used a blend of Balor Brown and Flayed One Flesh to produce nice, translucent highlighting.


The large left arm tentacle is carefully blended through two color transitions to emphasize it’s mutated nature. Smaller tentacles all over the model were painted with the same colors.


The clothing and armor (where there is armor) were painted the same colors on all three brothers Glott to tie them together visually. It also emphasizes the closeness of the three brothers in their devotion to Nurgle and as battle brothers. Perhaps when they go shopping, they all go to Top Shop (UK) or Hot Topic (US) together to pick out similar clothes.


The base for Glottkin is rather huge and I took advantage of it to add some large custom built features. I constructed a Nurgle triad out of 25mm round bases and other plastic Games Workshop bits. I also built a custom wound counter. Glottkin has twelve wounds and as time and decay are Nurgle themes I thought, why not a “wound clock”? When the clock strikes midnight Glottkin’s doom is sealed! Note that the twelve on the clock is a Nurgle triad of skulls. I also added pools of toxic looking slime to the base which is deliberately similar to the bases for my Blightkings.


The Realm Of Chaos range of models has always been one of the most unique aesthetics in Games Workshop’s product line. I think it’s what most sets them apart from other model makers and it’s what got me hooked on Citadel Miniatures more than 25 years ago. And it still has its claws in me!

I’ve been working on all kinds of stuff since I finished Glottkin including Orks, Necrons and Dark Angels. Jumping around between model ranges helps keep my excitement for painting at a high level when I start feeling a bit bogged down about my hobby backlog.

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