Team U.S.A? Adepticon Team Army Showcase

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The Adepticon Team Tournament is home of truly amazing armies. Checkout the winning Canadian/USA army up close and personal!

Some armies are insanely well painted, some modeled after obscured and long forgotten armies of the fluff.  Others are just plain stupid and are guaranteed to get you a good laugh.  Here’s the later, built and painted by Spikey Bits’ own Max Dubois and played by a bunch of hardasses.


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Max is the only Canadian on the team and his army is just as patriotic, if not in a slightly different way.

20150317_11543020150317_11544420150317_11541520150317_115408  20150317_115453        20150317_115602

About the Author:

Max Dubois is a hobby enthusiast from Quebec that runs most things named Hellfire Painting. Max produces a lot of hobby ressources that you can find on his own blog as well as well as on Spikey Bits. He is always ready to talk shop with other enthusiasts, whether it's about, painting, playing or drinking, no matter your skill level in either those activities. You can also find some of his work on amazon kindle, where he sells hobby e-books for a dollar!