RUMORS – 2nd Ad Mech Codex Discovered


admech wlapaper

Looks like the Ad Mech has a few more suprises for us! Come see the SECOND codex for Mechancius!

via Atia on Bolter & Chainsword 4-8-2015

“This thread will be for the next Mechanicus release – the Codex: Cult Mechanicus. I think we need a new thread for this, as the Skitarii one is big enough msn-wink.gif

first, early rumours regarding this release:

via Sad Panda on Dakka Dakka:
“As mentioned elsewhere, this summer on the 40K-side of things is mostly about the folks from Mars (but no (global) campaign), as well as a few 1-week-releases (think Necrons). And of course, the new Fantasy kicking off Q3.”

via Lords of Wargaming, facebook:
April/May It’s Admech, but there will be two codices. Also tanks will be walkers.

From LowG facebook
“They are not actually Admech. That codex will release later. The books will be Skatarii and Cult Mechanicus.”
“Supplements, but models as well.”

also, i’ve found this URL re-directs today smile.png”

Codex: Cult Mechanicus…-mechanicus-eng

Codex: Cult Mechanicus (eBook)…echanicus-ebook

Codex: Cult Mechanicus (iPad)…mechanicus-ipad

Datacards: Cult Mechanicus…-mechanicus-eng


Full Ad Mech Roundup

~Only one more book to go…


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  • Chris

    Äh Jap… Anyone suprised? No? Good! Because the most player waiting for the REAL MECHANICUM! When GW have an “Adeptus Mechanicum” Thread, where all Skitarii products are been founded, than can just come more!
    So praise for more Frontschweine of the Mechanicum^^

  • Chris Barlow


    • Chris

      Oh no! A Cat Priest from the Adeptus Catcanicus!

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