40k BIGGEST Unboxing? – Forge World’s Warlord Titan

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warlord legion mortis death heads

Come see the biggest, baddest Warhammer 40k unboxing to date; the Mars Pattern Warlord Titan from Forge World!

Den of Imagination just got their hands on the new kit.  It’s like Christmas time in their studio, these guys have a blast with their unboxing.


Den of Imagination – Your Miniature Painting Service

We are a registered studio in Torun, Poland. We have been in line of work since 2008. Our still growing staff of painters and sculptors is ready to work on any project you can imagine!

We are credible, solid and reliable. We work best with large commissions and we guarantee fast service.

The Warlord will walk. I can’t wait to see it assembled.

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