REVEALED – Infinity Enters the RPG Market!

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That’s right, Infinity not only dropped a new faction (USAdriana) on us at GENCON, but also relevealed a new RPG system as well. Come see the hotness!

Tons of concept art and what looks to be new miniatures for the RPG system as well.

Via Warcors, and El Descanso del Escriba

Concept Arts;

2015-08-02_0956_002 2015-08-02_0957 2015-08-02_0956 2015-08-02_0955_001


New mini sculpts

2015-08-02_0953 2015-08-02_0953_001 2015-08-02_0955 2015-08-02_0956_001

If I was a betting man, Id say look for this around the holidays or Q1 of next year!

– Seems like RPGs and Board Games are back en vogue this GENCON. I wonder what that means for the hobby?

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