Painting Jotums Blue, Long War Style – Hobby Tutorial

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Checkout how to make low detail models POP with some great shading and detail work in today’s Hobby Tutorial!

This is the PanOceania Jotums model that that I absolutely love. Today, I’m going to be showing you how to get this model painted up the Long War way. We’re going to be using Vallejo paints to get a solid start on this model before finishing up in the next tutorial.

The finished product.


Black spray paint works great but for the purposes of this tutorial I’m going to use the Surface Primer.


Go light, but get the paint everywhere.


Once you have a solid black down add your grey.


You want to make sure your grey is in all the cracks but again, go light, don’t build up too much paint.

Now it’s time to add the Blue, again, build it up.



You see how a lot of layers will build up the blue to the level that you want it.


The we build up with the Blue Green


You’ll want to add this to the surface area’s to get a smooth blend. Go even lighter than before, it should look like you’re barely adding any paint then slowly, slowly build up.


Then we go with the white to make those highlights pop


Again, go super light


Now we have a solid base and highlights down. IN the next tutorial we’ll finish it off.


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