X-Wing’s Wave 8 Winners: Current Top 5 Lists

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X-Wing fans! The results are coming in. In this article we bring you the Top 5 current 2016 Regionals lists that are dominating the X-Wing world right now. 

Let’stake a look at each one a see what is trumping the competition!

Munich, Germany Regionals Winner


IG-88B – IG 2000 + Predator + Autothrusters + Advanced Sensors + Heavy Laser Cannon

IG-88C – IG 2000 + Predator + Autothrusters + Advanced Sensors + Mangler Cannon

99 points

This is a classic Brobots lists that has enough punch to take out any foe. You have the amazing gunner-like ability of IG-88B and the super evasion action economy of IG-88C that has a great combo of good offense and defense. Predator can be used to makes sure your hits are going to inflict damage instead of the usual Fire Control System. Advanced Sensors helps prevent blocking and makes the Brobots more dodgey.

Roanoke, VA Regionals Winner


Alpha Squadron Pilot – Autothrusters

Howlrunner – Crack Shot

Scourge – Crack Shot


Omicron Group Pilot – Emperor Palpatine

100 points

The updated Palpatine/ Aces build. This list has a mini swarm element to it, using Howlrunner to boost the attack dice of nearby wingmates. Scourge and Wampa are best buddies. Wampa gets to deal a facedown damage card if he cancels one of his critical hits, and Scourge rolls an additional attack die on an enemy that has a damage card. There’s that synergy again. Palpatine does his thing, influencing your dice for evil purposes that spell doom for your opponent. The Alpha Squadron Pilot serves as a squirrely bloacker that could issue out some hurt if he survives the enemy volley.

Albuquerque, NM Regionals Winner


5 x Green Squadron Pilot – A-Wing Test Pilot + Adaptability + Crack Shot + Autothrusters + Chardaan Refit

100 points

This list is a recent shocker that has put the Rebels back in  one of the top dog positions. A-Wings have amazing maneuverability and the Adaptability Elite slot allows them to either bump up or bump down their Pilot Skill in order to ensure precise placement on the table. Crack Shot allows you to cancel evades for when you get hot dice rolls. % ship Rebel builds are almost unheard of. Hats off to this amazing Rebel player here. Shine on you crazy diamond!

Marietta, GA Regionals Winner


The Inquisitor – TIE v/1 + Push the Limit + Autothrusters

Omega Leader – Juke + Comm Relay


Omicron Group Pilot – Emperor Palpatine

100 points

The classic Palp/Aces build here. The Inquisitor acts as the sniper of the group, able to hang back at range 3, but able to get range 1 shots from any distance. Omega Leader can be a huge pain for your opponent, not letting him modify dice. Wampa does his trick with his crits, and if you time it right, you can save your Palpatine influence to turn one of Wampa’s dice into a crit in order to get a free damage through shields to your opponent’s ships.

Rochester, NY Regionals Winner


5 x Green Squadron Pilot – A-Wing Test Pilot + Adaptability + Crack Shot + Autothrusters + Chardaan Refit

100 points


What’s this! Another Rebels build in the Top 5! Go Rebs go! Rebels have been struggling it seems as of late to find their groove after Wave 8 was just released. It’s good to see that another savvy pilot has been able to fly 5 A-Wings at the same time. This list could overwhelm even the mighty Palp/ Aces in sheer volume of attacks. And they have enough green dice to weather the return fire.

That’s it for now folks. Keep flying and trying new things in X-Wing, and don’t forget to always fly casual.

You can still have a good list and have fun without being super competitive.

Practice maneuvering your ships and watch out for those rocks! They are closer than they appear.

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