Cheaper & Better – The Crates We Should Really Buy?

By Rob Baer | June 1st, 2016 | Categories: Editorial, News / Rumors, Terrain, Warhammer 40k

armored crates gw cheaper container terrain 40k (2)

If you’re not impressed with the $50 price tag on GW’s new Armored Container terrain set, checkout these crates which may be cheaper and better!

Amazon has an interesting product on their site for sale, that looks eerily similar in size to Games Workshops new Armored Crates set. Best of all, they’re about half the price of GW’s!

Thumbs Up Kitchen Cargo Containers, Multi-Colour £13.48 & FREE Delivery 

armored crates gw cheaper container terrain 40k

  • 3 x Plastic Kitchen Cargo Containers.
  • Not Dishwasher Safe.
  • Kitchen Cargo containers come in a set of three.
  • Set of three in bright colours blue, red and yellow.
  • Aptly labelled coffee sugar and tea; to use simply lift and fill.

The first review seems to indicate that they would be perfect for our use:

Not great quality, very plasticy looking and feeling. I won’t be using them for tea, coffee etc probably end up being used by my son for playing with.

Now compare:

crates1 armored terrain

Grim Dark

armored crates gw cheaper container terrain 40k (2)

Same scale, less grim dark?

Either way look for both on tabletops around the globe here soon as Games Workshop keeps pushing forward with new and exciting accessories for the game we all know and love!

Please pass the sugar, er I mean flock…

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