NEW BITS – Kromlech Imperial Guardswoman Torsos


The Imperial Guard has soldiers big and small, and these are just as good. These Guardswoman torso and heads would be the perfect bits to complement your army today. Fully customizable and ready for the tabletop. 

Via Kromlech

Imperial Guardswoman Torsos and Heads $7.74

imperial-guardswoman-torsos-and-heads imperial-guardswoman-torsos-and-heads

This set contains five Imperial Guardswoman torsos and heads. Torsos and heads are separate parts and you can freely glue them as you wish. Designed to fit 28mm heroic scale miniatures.

These lovely ladies would fit right in into your Astra Militarum army as an Infantry platoon. How would you use these cool models? I’d put them on some Cadian legs for sure!

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