New HH Models & Rules – WD #128 REVEALED


The Heresy is back for summer! Checkout the new Horus Heresy kits that are coming back next week, and the rules for fielding them in Marine armies for 40k.

Another great White Dwarf is here, and while it is sans a Paint Splatter article, there is pull out follow along supplement for the new Season of War Campaign for Age of Sigmar!

Come see the latest on the new AoS, the Heresy Model box sets, and their datasheets in this week’s issue as we countdown to the new monthly format.

angels of death horus heresy rules pdf datasheet 40k

White Dwarf 128 $4

wd 128

This week White Dwarf revisits the Horus Heresy Space Marines from Betrayal at Calth, now available as individual kits. They show them in a variety of different colours, Night Lords and Imperial Fists among them. They also give in depth details of the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Summer Campaign which launches this week.


  • All this weeks new releases.
  • Season of War – All the details of our summer campaign.
  • Parade Ground – Imperial Fist and Night Lord Space Marines.
  • ‘Eavy Metal – Two more jaw-dropping paint jobs.
  • Illuminations – The art of the Sylvaneth.
  • The Rules – Full datasheets for the new Space Marines.
  • This week in White Dwarf

New Slyvaneth Models & Rules – White Dwarf #128 Review


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