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War Council discusses constructive criticism and feedback, as well as how to batch paint models to maximize speed.


War Council™ is a presentation of White Metal Games™ and airs twice a month.  Unlike many gaming centered podcasts, our show focuses exclusively on HOBBY.  No mathhammer or GT/Meta game talk here.  We talk to industry professional about painting, sculpting, 3D printing and casting models, kit bashing, and more!  Caleb Dillon is the Owner of White Metal Games and Phillip Kohrman is the owner of Brushwork Minis.

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Episode 31 is Here

In this episode Phillip and I invite Johnathan of White Lightning Paint Commissions to join us for an active discussion about constructive criticism and feedback.  Servicing hundreds of clients a year means we get a LOT of feedback, and we have learned there is feedback of the useful variety, and feedback that is just plain spiteful.  We talk about identifying which is which, and how clients can give better feedback to ultimately achieve higher end and more satisfying commission results.

In the back half of the episode, we chat about painting levels, defining a tabletop model; plus speed painting; tips and techniques to get your models on the table FAST!  Tricks like tackling similar projects in tandem, minimizing your color palette, and more!  Next time on the show we’ll be chatting with the organizer of the Wargasm Fauxpocalypse Event, a apocalypse event featuring almost a quarter of a million points!!!!

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