Hobby Zen: Terrain That Doubles as Miniature Storage too!

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Today we have some cool pre-printed MDF containers from XLC Wargame Terrain to take a look at!

This is a novel idea, brought to you by XLC Wagame Terrain  it’s not only terrain but it also stores your mini. I think they did a Kickstarter for this last year. I think this stuffs is really cool and exciting. They’ve got a range of products from pre-printed terrain which has vinyl stickers printed onto mdf and oh hey they have storage containers which for a pack of 3 is 16 GBP versus 50 from Games Workshop for 1.


They’ll even do some customer work for you, even if you don’t know how to paint, they can help you with some amazing products.


This is MDF which means you need Wood Glue, not super glue or elmer’s white. It’s super easy to put together. They come with protective wrap to keep the vinal fresh.


Note: Don’t go fast and loose on removing the protectors, it might pull off that vinyl and you don’t want that.

This is very hard, very rigid. It’s money in the strength department but hard to use. Luckily, XLC does the work for you and gets it done.


You can see it’s tight tolerances and it fits together well. It’s strong and not falling apart (I didn’t even use glue! You should!)


Here you can see the 32mm inserts; they make different size inserts.


There’s also a gap here for a slot for a door which helps keep the dust out. Dust is the enemy. So that’s a great feature. For about 20GBP this is a great product and custom printing is available.

XLC Wagame Terrain

To see this in full 360 degree glory, check out the video!

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