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metal imperial guard

Don’t miss all the details on Games Workshop’s new Made to Order service that has a lot of hobbyists both excited and curious all at the same time!


There is a retro wind blowing out of Nottingham this October, and it’s bringing you all the older models you missed out on! Don’t miss this!


Looks like you can get some of your old Imperial Guard favorites once again, but for a limited time only!

metal imperial guard

Prices in AUS

MTO Products Master List:


If you think that is cool, checkout the new product’s description:

The Cadian Kasrkin squad comprises one sergeant armed with power sword and hot-shot las pistol, seven Kasrkin armed with hot-shot lasguns, one Kasrkin armed with a flamer, and one Kasrkin armed with grenade launcher. Use them as alternative Militarum Tempestus Scions in games of Warhammer 40,000.

This ten man metal squad comes in 20 components and is supplied with 10 25mm round bases and a Cadian transfer sheet.

This product will be made to order and we expect to dispatch it within 28 days of you placing your order.


What is Made to Order?

Sometimes products we haven’t made for a while become available for a limited period of time. These products can be found in the ‘Made to Order’ section. They will always be available for at least 48 hours, but the more you buy, the longer we’ll keep them on sale! As we don’t start making them until we receive orders they can take up to 28 days to dispatch. You will receive a dispatch email when they leave, so you know they are on the way.

So looks like the new figures will be metal, as perhaps the old molds were not finecast resin ready, or is a return to the glory days of pewter?

What are you thoughts on the matter, and what models would YOU like to see again from GW?

GW’s Made to Order Discussion

There is nothing as constant as change!

MTO Details:

made to order

Checkout these new details about GW’s Made to Order policy that looks like it may just be for a limited time only?

Source: Scanner


Look for a list of the products that will be available as Made To Order on Saturday October 15th!

We had been hearing rumors of “the return of finecast” and such all day, but this is the first proof that something BIG is happening at GW next weekend:

Source GW Salisbury

Missed out on any old models when they went onto last chance? You may want to keep your eyes on our Facebook page on 15th October


GW’s Made to Order Discussion

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