GW’s Top 3 Amazing 40k Studio Game Tables

By Rob Baer | November 9th, 2016 | Categories: Warhammer 40k


Sometimes seeing an awesome gaming table is enough to inspire us on our own hobby projects. Come see the Top 3 40k studio tables in recent memory!

The Siege of the Imperial Palace

siege of the imperial palace

The only reason this is in the #3 spot is because of the age of the models. Honestly for the conversion work put into these at the time, it was truly amazing just in that regard. The studio team at that time outdid themselves and build the outer palace walls and not one but TWO titans as well.

If you look close at the image above you can barely see Sanguinius fighting Ka’bandha far above the Eternity Gate, and under the old pewter Thunderhawk model (yes that’s pretty much the size of the current resin one – this board is HUGE). If you have a hard time seeing it just look for the white of his wings. In the middle sallying forth in the column of white is the great Khan himself attempting a breakout to help relieve the sea of red Blood Angels.

Visible to the right is the saw CCW arm of the great Banelord Titan (you can also see below), along with some detailed images of the board itself from an unknown White Dwarf.

This table used to reside in the Warhammer World Museum. I am not sure of it’s exact location currently or if it is still even intact.

chaostitanx sht_04 sht_05

Istvaan V Dropsite Massacre


Another iconic event in 40k history, this board currently at Warhammer World depicts the events of that fateful day when the true depth of Horus’ treachery was revealed.

This particular table shows the III legion of Emperor’s Children clashing with Ferrus Manus’ Iron Hands. Far above the battlefield two brothers are shown locked the combat that ends badly for one of them.  Made with current plastic and resin kits, you can easily see the age difference between the Siege of Terra and this board.

DSC_0304 - Copy

DSC_0305 DSC_0302 DSC_0301 DSC_0300

Battle in Ultramar

ultramar table battle walpaper

This table original was thought to depict the battle for Calth, however it looks to be one of the battles in the Blood Oath book that’s only available from Warhammer World itself.

Speaking of Warhammer World, this board was unveiled recently at it’s grand opening and I think you can agree it’s one of the most spectacular tables this hobby has ever seen!

ultramar table battle walpaper (4) ultramar table battle walpaper (3) ultramar table battle walpaper (2)

Those are the THREE biggest tables that seem come to mind when you think of mind blowing 40k Displays.  There’s been many throughout the years, but so far these seem to be the ones that people remember by name.

If you’re hungry for more awesome studio tables checkout our roundup from the Warhammer World Grand Opening last May!

What’s your favorite studio table?

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